Visilek furniture llc

Visilek is a Long Island based furniture & interior architecture design practice and workshop founded in 2014 by cousins Ricardo & Filipe Rodrigues.

Philosophy "The total work of art"

The philsophy at Visilek is that architecture, interiors, products, lighting and art are not independent of one another but integral components used to develop the broader vision and reach a final goal. 


Ricardo was born and raised on Long Island. Ricardo's first mentor was his father, a master carpenter and architectural millworker. Ricardo worked as an apentice at his father's millwork shop while attaining an undergraduate degree in Business. The shop experience triggered a strong desire for Ricardo to express himself creativity. Ricardo eventually earned a degree from Parsons in Interior Design. While at Parsons Ricardo interned with Nicole Fuller, Lumifer/Utopus and Orsman Design. After graduating Parsons, Ricardo worked under Nathan Orsman to develop products the lighting firm would use in their projects. As Visilek's creative director Ricardo focuses on Interior Architecture projects while taking advantage of any free time to design new pieces of furniture.